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We Are A Community

BRPC is for everyone looking for an organized and competitive paintball format.  The success of this club isn't dependent on a person or a role, it's dependent on the entire member community.  We all have a hand in the success and experience of the club.  If we can answer any questions or if you just want to learn more about the sport of paintball, please contact us!


David Chaney


As Sports Marketing and Sporting Good Sales professional for the last 16+ years, I started BRPC to offer veteran and emerging players a better experience.  The game is fun but the PEOPLE in our community are exceptional!

Brad Headshot.jpg

Brad Broome - Roadies Paintball

Community Manager

No one has their finger on Southeast paintball like the always joyful Brad 'Roadies Paintball' Broome.  Brad keeps BRPC connected to the community and helps lead our charge in communication/media.


Content Creator

Nationally recognized paintball media and content creators @40.Media (Insta/FB) is a official partner of BRPC.  Creating premium content for club members and it's affiliates. 


Jason Hanson

Athlete Manager

Our resident pro - he'll eat you alive on the field but then will explain how he did it after.  One of Georgia's most experienced players but we really keep him around because he puts everyone in a great mood.


Questions‭? ‬Feel free to reach out the club‭.‬

Tel: 636-293-0157     Email:


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