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Founded in 2021, BRPC was built to offer competitive paintball players a better non-tournament experience. With over 20+ years experience in the sport, the founders of BRPC set out to create an experience platform that would help in growing sustainable paintball participation in the Southeast. Particularly the club wanted to solve three major challenges in our sport:

1. A Third Place...not a tournament team and not open play.  

2. Organization and Efficiency...scheduled days, organized play and transparency.

3. Inclusivity...mechanical/5.5 bps format open to all skill levels 

BRPC is based in Georgia and incorporates partner fields from Georgia and Tennessee.  The club tours multiple locations to provide variety in play and to support our greater Southeast paintball community.  BRPC members are required to:

1. Compete with a positive and encouraging attitude

2. Provide their own equipment and abide by the format rules (5.5bps/mechanical/pump)

3. Respect the game and club members in their pursuit for progression

BRPC allows only active members to participate during the club sessions:

1. Membership dues are collected during the open registration window and include field/air fees along with a club shirt and raffle.

2. Players will purchase their own paint from the field at an exclusive member pricing

3. Members have access to exclusive savings on equipment offered by our partners

Get To Know The Club!

Get To Know The Club!